Lifestyle & #200Fish

During the summer of 2018 I was happy to inspire my daughter and her friends to contribute to the #200Fish programme as part of their as part of their Humberside Police Lifestyle project.

#200Fish was a community arts project raising awareness of the biodiversity of the North Sea. Artists (including) myself contributed paintings and sculptures based on the 200 native fish found in the North Sea culminating in an exhibition at the North Sea Observatory. The project was sponsored by the Arts Council.

The girls contributed their own artwork which I helped organise and develop into a large 3ft by 3ft piece made up of wooden plaque with 200 wooden fish individually painted arranged in a shoal.

The girls were very proud of their finished piece which was displayed at the exhibition and featured on the cover of the hardback #200Fish book.

The girls also won an award from the Humberside Police for their Lifestyle project.