A pet portrait is perhaps the most fitting way to celebrate the influence that the special animal in your life has on everything you do. You may wish to have a pet portrait produced as an original piece of art for yourself, or you may prefer to give a portrait as gift to a loved one.

An original piece of art is a highly precious item to own and a timeless reminder of your special pet. This website is designed to help you obtain a wonderful tribute to your pet. Pet portraits are my particular speciality and you can find an assortment of dog and cat portraits in my portfolio. 

In order to produce something you are truly delighted with, I aim to keep you involved in the creative process. If you prefer to wait and see a photograph of the finished product rather than receiving regular updates, this is something I am happy to do.

It is common for there to be 4 to 6 week waiting list for portraits to be completed because they involve many hours of work. I do tend to be busier around the Christmas period so it is vital that you register your order early in order to avoid disappointment. It is also possible to obtain gift vouchers for a pet portrait as a gift if a last minute commission is not possible.

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